Cricket, the Brilliant Game!

A fresh take on cricket, the brilliant game…

About me

Its obvious that from this site that cricket is right up there for one of the passions in my life 🙂 I got hooked it on it when I was knee-high to a grasshopper when in the early 1990’s I watched my first test with my dad (New Zealand vs Pakistan), and I can remember at the time I was paying attention that Salim Malik was batting, and since that match I was instantly hooked 🙂 The thrill of getting boundaries or getting wickets sends a huge sense of delight through me and the odd backyard game of cricket with some beers and something to eat on a brilliant summers day is really the life:) Not to mention the gorgous girls watching us play! Have broken many a window and lost many tennis balls and cricket balls and when we couldn’t find them we stole spuds out of the vege garden and use them instead! They are brilliant for seaming and very unpredictable hahaha!

Hope you all enjoy browsing through this site and if you want to do a link exchange and be in my blogroll feel free to let me know by leaving a comment or mailing me:).

 Cheers, and long live Cricket, the brilliant game!

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