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Some famous cricket quotes

Posted by wildkiwi25 on November 28, 2008

Over the years there have been a number of players that have been known for their words just as much as their cricketing exploits. Some of them will never be forgotten, although some of the players on the receiving end may wish they could be.

Here are some of the stand out quotes I have come across as of late:

Glen McGrath (Australia) and Eddo Brandes (Zimbabwe):

Aussie paceman Glenn McGrath was bowling to Zimbabwe number 11 Eddo Brandes – who was just missing each ball. McGrath, frustrated, went to him and inquired: “Why are you so fat?”Quick as a flash, Brandes replied, “Because every time I make love to your wife, she gives me a biscuit.”


Freddie Trueman & Raman Subba Row:

Fearsome English fast bowler Fred Trueman extraced an edge from the batsman, which flew straight into the hands of Raman Subba Row at first slip. The ball however went right between Row’s legs to the third man boundary. Fred didn’t say a word. At the end of the over, Row ambled past Trueman and apologised sheepishly. “Sorry Fred. I should’ve kept my legs together”. Trueman retorted in classic fashion “Not you, son. Your mother should’ve!”
“It’s been very slow and dull day, but it hasn’t been boring. It’s been a good, entertaining day’s cricket. – BRIAN JOHNSTON”
“He’s usually a good puller – but he couldn’t get it up that time.” – BRIAN JOHNSTON”
“He’s fat, he’s round, he bounces on the ground, Shane Warne, Shane Warne.” – Barmy Army.
Shane Warne : “I’ve waited two years for another chance to humiliate you.”
Daryll Cullinan : “Looks like you spent it eating.”
“What do you think this is, a f***ing tea party? No you can’t have a f***ing glass of water. You can f***ing wait like all the rest of us.”
-Allan Border to Robin Smith.
“Mate, if you turn the bat over, you’ll see the instructions on the back!”
-Merv Hughes to Robin Smith.
Merv Hughes : “You can’t f**king bat.”
Robin Smith : “Hey Merv, we make a fine pair. I can’t f**king bat and you can’t f**king bowl.”
“Tufnell! Can I borrow your brain? I’m building an idiot.”
-Voice from the crowd, Newcastle Test.
“A fart competing with thunder.”
-Graham Gooch on England’s chances in Australia in 1990-91.


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