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A special tribute to my blogroll and visitors

Posted by wildkiwi25 on November 18, 2008


Hi everyone,

Just would like to make a special tribute to all of the members on my blogroll, I appreciate you maintaining my link on your sites and have already increased the number of visitors and readers for this blog, and also the Google Page Ranking. Much appreciation goes out all members on my blog roll! πŸ™‚

Also I have exceeded my own expectations for this site. Am well on the way to exceeding 10,000 visitors for the site, and have also done more than 100 posts, and have a Google Page Ranking (which I know will definetly increase in time). I was expecting to achieve all these goals on the 1st anniversary of my site (which is on 13th January 2009), but as I have said I am exceeding all expectations. Now I can keep the momentum going and hope for much more success.

If you have a cricket related website/blogsite etc and want to become a valued member of my blogroll feel free to send an email to me at include the name and web address of your site (also tell me the name you would like your link to appear as on my blogroll- usually your site’s name) in the email. You must place my site on yours as part of the exchange. My sites details are below:

Site name: Cricket, the Brilliant Game!
Link name: Cricket, the Brilliant Game!

Also just a friendly warning any spam won’t be tolerated. I know of particular software that scans sites for email addresses and spams them or sells them to email farms etc or something like that. It is a criminal offence and anyone that it happens to has the right to take action. This is not a threat but just a friendly warning πŸ™‚

Would also like to make a special mention to all the visitors that have maintained their patronage and visits to this site. It is very much appreciated and only encourages me further to maintain this site and keep it going. I originally created this site because of my love of the game and it is really great to see so many people out there also interested in cricket in general :). I hope you all keep coming back and sharing your important ideas with me.

In the meantime wherever in the world you may be, be it India, Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan, USA, Canada or anywhere else, I hope you keep your eyes out for a cricket game near you. This could be a club game or even in your very own backyard battling your friends for cricketing supremacy. All in all I hope you all keep enjoying cricket, the brilliant game!

*Acknowledgements to the owner of the picture used.


2 Responses to “A special tribute to my blogroll and visitors”

  1. Anonymous said

    Hi Rob — Duckingbeamers here. I’ve added your site to my blogroll; I hope you do the same. Good work here!

  2. Irtiza said

    hi, i have added your link to my blog. plz do the same… πŸ˜€
    site name: I am a fan of TigerCricket

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