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Player Profile(#26)…Eddo Brandes (Zimbabwe)

Posted by wildkiwi25 on June 28, 2008


Eddo André Brandes (born March 5, 1963, Port Shepstone, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa) is a former Zimbabwean cricketer who played in 10 Tests and 59 ODIs from 1987 to 1999, spanning four World Cups.

He took a hat-trick in an ODI against England in January 1997 that is still regarded as the highest in terms of total average of the batsmen dismissed. The Mirror ran a headline proclaiming “Clucking useless!; England lose to chicken farmer” to mark the occasion, making Eddo Brandes perhaps the most famous chicken-farmer to ever play cricket. Only two months short of his 34th birthday, he remains the oldest player to have taken an ODI hat-trick.

As of 2003 Brandes has moved to Australia to pursue a coaching career, and is currently coaching the Sunshine Coast Scorchers who play in the XXXX Gold Brisbane Grade Competition/ Tewantin-Noosa Thunder.

He is also known for this quote:

-Exchange between Glenn McGrath, the Australian bowler, and Eddo Brandes after McGrath gets frustrated at being unable to dismiss Brandes.

1.McGrath: “Why are you so fat?”
2.Brandes: “Because every time I f*** your wife she gives me a biscuit.”

More info about Eddo Brandes can be found by right-clicking Cricinfo Profile on Eddo Brandes.



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