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Posted by wildkiwi25 on June 16, 2008

To all my fans and readers of my cricket blog,

I apologise for not publishing any content for the last 3 or so weeks now, due to issues in my personal life I’ve needed to switch my focus from this blogsite to my personal issues temporarily. Within the week I will begin posting articles as usual. Also I invite other cricket fans to be co-authors for materials published on my site as this will greatly enhance the quality of my site and will be an excellent aid in its progress.

Look forward to hearing from you all and don’t worry this blogsite will definetly be up and running again very shortly:)


One Response to “APOLOGIES!”

  1. cdak said

    Hey nice site! especially like the player profiles. hope you get back to posting soon. got to your site through bebo’s cricket group. also, i recently started a cricket/golf blog and was wondering if you’d like to exchange links?

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