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An A.N.Z.A.C Tribute…..

Posted by wildkiwi25 on April 24, 2008


Hi everyone,
Just would like to make a tribute to all the cricketers (and everyone else also) that fought during the World Wars and perished in combat. They were indeed hardy souls that fought well for their country and theres no doubt in my mind that anyone that perished would have made a fine cricketer, as by fighting in the World Wars they showed immense spirit, determination, and comradeship that any dedicated cricketer today would be very proud of. Much respect should go out to these guys (and women) that fought to fight for the protection of our countries (and perhaps also the future of the game of cricket as well), and we should all remember them and their personal sacrifice they made. Theres no doubt that “above” they will still be playing cricket without the fear of being killed in the line of duty and for the ones that didn’t play cricket, they are in a better place and will always have my respect. Thankyou fallen war heroes, if it wasn’t for you cricket might not even exist to this day, or perhaps in a much broader view, maybe not life…



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