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In the International Spotlight…Thailand Cricket

Posted by wildkiwi25 on April 16, 2008

Thailand U15 CRICKET



The Thai cricket team represents the country of Thailand in cricket. It became an ICC Associate Member in 2005 and was elected into the ICC in 1995. The team is governed by the Cricket Association of Thailand.

Thailand played in the South East Asia Emerging Nations tournament of February 2006. The tournament was a triangular series and was played against Bhutan cricket team and Maldives cricket team. Their first match was played against Bhutan and, thanks to a strong performance by R. Bowater, they reached 8/300. They ended up winning by 69 runs.

Their second match against the Maldives was not so exciting, the match being abandoned without a ball being bowled. After the Maldives beat Bhutan, they faced Thailand again in somewhat better weather. This time Thailand were all out for 148 and the Maldives cruised to victory with 7 wickets in hand.

In August 2006, they took part in the ACC Trophy. They finished third out of four teams in their group, their only win coming against Iran.


World Cup:
Thailand have never qualified for the World Cup.

ICC Trophy:
1979 to 2001: Not eligible – ICC affiliate member
2005: Did not qualify

ACC Trophy:
1996: First round
1998: First round
2000: Did not participate
2002: First round
2004: First round
2006: First round

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