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Playing cricket on a road while drunk is dangerous but fun!

Posted by wildkiwi25 on April 13, 2008

Hey everybody!

Just thought I had to tell all you enthusiastic fans of the great game of a drunken game I played lastnight. We were having a party at my sisters flat and as the party got bigger it got more rowdy etc and naturally some others and myself thought of playing backyard cricket. Trouble is the house didnt have a backyard suitable for playing and there were no lights so seeing searing inswinging yorkers and scud missile like deliveries would have proved near impossible so we went down to the end of the street where it connected to one of the main roads of the area and instantly we decided to play a game on the road with total disreguard to any of the traffic travelling either way. We found a street bin on the corner and the power pole on the other side of the street and between them two objects we made a temporary wicket. The pitch was rock hars and provided prodigious amounts of seam and turn and also a bit of bounce when the tennis ball was banged in hard. I used the pitch to a good effect with my off spinners that were flat but had a decent amount of turn and made a leading 1st grade opener nick the ball into 1st slip, she done a good job to snare the wicket. Also my medium pacers had an effect as I also used guile and the seam to bamboozle some of the batsmen. I was suprised I could bowl reasonably well despite polishing off three quarters of a 20 pack of beer (the cans were 440ml each) and everybody else was just as tanked as myself which made the game fun and memorable, and I think i scored 62 (well i smacked the tennis ball into a window (which thank god it didnt shatter or break)as I kept smacking the ball around but eventually fell out to a well executed spin delivery which I played on to the stumps aka the rubbish bin on the street. The game was called to an unfortunate end when one of us saw two police cars with their lights on coming down the road in the distance and we managed to abandon the wicket without being found out by the men (and woman) in blue. It was a game thoroughly enjoyed by all and from time to time we had some crowds cheering us on, it why I love the game of cricket, the atmosphere, the thrills, the comraderie and the entertainment it provides. I hope cricket lives on for a very very long time.

*Note: unfortunately we don’t have any video footage of this game we played that we know of, if by miraculous luck I do I will let you all know!


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