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2 Month Anniversary!

Posted by wildkiwi25 on March 11, 2008

Just would like to say thankyou for the increase of the number of visitors to my site:) Have looked at visiting figures for the site and there is an upward trend which is a good sign, however I have noticed that the average amount of time spent on my site keeps going downwards and the bounce rate (the number of visitors who leave the site after the 1st page) is very high (around the 75% mark) and I would like to find ways of increasing the average amount of time spent on my site and decrease the bounce rate, I appreciate any comments etc that can help me achieve this.

Have also noticed that some people seem to have trouble seeing some of the content as well. A reason for this can be due to the internet connection and speed the visitor is using, and personally I have noticed that the “this is how you bat” and “this is how you bowl” videos don’t display on smaller computer screens. Personally I think my site is better viewed on screens that are 15+ inches in size.

I am also thinking about making this site viewable on mobile phones, if anyone has some legitimate ideas about how I can go about this please drop by and leave a comment:)

I also make sure I acknowledge my sources for my material at the end of each article, and alot of appreciation and thanks goes out to those owners.

I am willing to put links to cricket related blogs on my site as well so if you would like that let me know and I will see what I can do.

I would like to make a note that its great seeing a big number of visitors interested in the game of cricket coming form countries that most people wouldn’t even have an idea about them, over 100 countries in the world play cricket and its great to see such a big following for the brilliant game:) I also can see that the number of visitors to this site from “associate”, “affiliate” and “non-member” outnumber countries that currently have test playing status, which is a good sign, as it shows that cricket is truly becoming a world wide game and interest in the game is vital to its global growth and development.

So keep coming to visit my site and browse the growing number of articles and features that it has to offer. If you are not sure how to browse all my articles etc there is an “archives” feature on the left hand side of the site. If you have any trouble please let me know and I’ll do what I can to help:)



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